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Established Authors or:  If your book has sold 5,000 or more copies, or you wish to publish a book or manual for your employees, members of your organization (i.e. church, non-profit, fan club, etc.), or if you are well know to the public -- email us for more information on how we can make you more money on your book (manual, project) than large publishers.

What we do: We help writers publish their books in print or digital format. We print only fine books. This means your book must be approved by our editors in the reading stage of production. If your book is well written and unique it has a good chance of being published. The quality of your book should be equal to those found in libraries and book stores.





Submitting Your Manuscript


Please follow the following steps:


A. Email us your fully edited manuscript* as an attachment to your email in one of the following digital formats:


.doc (Word);

.txt (Wordpad, etc.);

.wpd (WordPerfect);

.pdf (Adobe's personal digital format)

.pages (Apple's Pages)


Fully edited manuscript means that your manuscript is edited by a professional editor and or by friends who are knowledgeable grammar experts.


*if not the fully finished manuscript than at the very least -- the 1st chapter or at least 30 pages [10,000 words] or 1/3 of a short poetry book


Note: Please use only "returns" (carriage returns) after each paragraph, not after each line (except for poetry).


Remember, a well written manuscript is a rewritten manuscript. Before you send in your book have it edited by others. Re-write it and rewrite it, again and again. This will give you a better chance of being published and make your work a piece of art.


Reading your manuscript: After we read your fully edited manuscript, you will receive an e-Mail that states whether we will or will not publish your work and instruction on how to proceed.




B. Questionnaire: Fill out the Questionnaire about your book

    Questionnaire [PDF]


[electronic form; click on the appropriate boxes and type in the answers; after filling out the form, save it using the save button at the top of the PDF page (not your browser save button), and attach it to an email and email it to us along with your digital manuscript.]


C. Synopsis: Include with your email a synopsis or outline of your book and a copy of the filled out Questionnaire.




D. Send us your digital file to


(be sure to include in your email your name, email address, phone number, street address and attach the Questionnaire form with a synopsis of your book)


E-Mail us if you need help




After we read your manuscript, you will receive an e-Mail that states whether we will or will not publish your work and instruction on how to proceed.


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