ParisBurg Publishing's Basic Program

Book Cost Schedule
Royalty Schedule

Note: All Rates are for Trade Paperback Books

Your Cost per Book
you order from us to sell at book signings, to friends, for business

Your cost
Per book (% of List Price)
Your Cost
Per Book -- Examples
Your Potential Gross Profit

on an order of  50 or more:  
for B/W interior text/graphics
45% for Color interior text/graphics

on an order of less than 50: 
for B/W interior text/graphics
for Color interior text/graphics


List Price $15.00 at 40% = $6.00 (your cost)
List Price $15.00 at 45% = $6.75 (your cost)

List Price $15.00 at 50% = $7.50 (your cost)
List Price $15.00 at 55% = $8.25 (your cost)


$9.00 (or 60%)
$8.25 (or 55%)

$7.50 (or 50%)
$6.75 (or 45%)
Orders over 100 have additional discounts + shipping/handling - shipping/handling
Approx. shipping/handling costs:   .50 cents per book w/ order of 50; .80 cents per book w/ order of 10




Royalty Schedule ***

When Amazon
Sells Your Book
On Their Web Site

When ParisBurg
Sells Your Book
On Your or Their Web Sites

When a Book Store or Ingram
Sells Your Book Thru
Their Channels*

List Price Your Profit (20-25%) List Price Your Profit (30-40%) List Price Your Profit (09-15%)
Example: $15.00 $3.00-3.75 Example: $15.00 $ 4.50 to 6.00 $15.00 $1.35-2.25

it pays to direct buyers to our web site


Note: Previous published authors with more than 10,000 sales may get better rates.

Digital Book Program
your royalty is 40-50% of retail price**

-- E-books are now about 20+% of all new books sold --

* Books sold through book stores/wholesalers are normally bought at a 40-55% discount with right to return books unsold at any time for a full refund.  Book wholesalers normally get a 55% discount, and they have the right to return books for a full refund.  This means publishers have to refund the bookstores/wholesalers for unsold books. Because of the math, publishers cannot give a larger royalty than 5-15% for books sold through bookstores.

** Why so much more royalty than printed books? Because these books have no printing cost and no return costs.

*** Your contract may specify other royalty rates

Note: Publisher sets the price for the book. Normally, about $15 for a 250 page book (non-colored interior text/graphics). Publisher reports & pays Royalty to authors once every six months.

Cost changes: Costs of buying books may change depending on inflation and delivery costs.

Royalty is taxable


Note: Large commercial publishers normally pay royalty of 5-10% on retail price depending on quantity. Best selling authors may make up to15%.


Minimum pages for black & white or color books: 24
Maximum pages for black & white books: 1200
Maximum pages for color books: 450-1200
Normally, books must be over 102 pages to have text on spine
See examples of Book Available Sizes


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