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Lester Hirsh

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Music on the Internet

Watch Lester sing "On the Road in America"

Lester Hirsh plays classical guitar

Lester sings "Ways of Love"

Lester sings "Old Town Ballad"

Watch him perform at Peter Nein's Art Studio in Pottsville






- A book by an artist -

Lyrics of a Troubadour

A Biography in Song

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About the Author

musician, singer/songwriter, poet


Lester Hirsh is an established singer/songwriter and guitar player who has performed in a variety of venues from New Hampshire to Florida the past 40 years. He is also a published poet, former coeditor and publisher of Bone & Flesh magazine (1998-2002), a respected literary magazine of poetry, prose, essays and art from the finest writers nationally and internationally.


Lester has performed solo and in a variety of ensembles over the years: the folk trio Side Three (Tampa Florida) folk/pop duo Jerusalem (Williamsport PA) and duo Sweet River (Concord NH).



He has produced and recorded:

Three LP tapes --

Part & Parcel (1986), Piper's Dream (1990), Whistle in the Wind (1994);


Seven CDs --

Tales of a Troubadour (1994), Sweet Surrender (1998), Strangers or Lonesome Friends (2003), Lester Hirsh Live (2005) and River of Strings (2006); The Other Side of Folk (2015); Arpeggio (2017)


The spoken word two CD set --

Mosaic II: Poems of an Ancient Order (2005);



Hirsh also was a producer and the director of the Summer Solstice Folk Festival in Pottsville PA in 2007.


He was a finalist at the Napa Valley Emerging Songwriter Contest in 1997.


In 2005, Hirsh was a Grammy nominee, for Best Spoken Word, for his volume of poems, Mosaic II: Poems of an Ancient Order, honored by the American Academy of Music. He was also featured on NPR New Hampshire Public Radio, Front Porch in 2002.


For details about the author's poetry and songs check the Preface of this book and his web page:


His music can be purchased on and through his web sites.



Lester Hirsh Live Performances








January 8th

JCC Allentown

702 N. 22nd St- Allentown, Pa

1pm Concert-

For more details call Debbie Ovitz-



January 12

18th Annual Special Kingstreet Coffeehouse

@ the Unitarian Church. Rt 11, Northumberland, Pa.

        Lester will be the first feature act of three acts, beginning 7 pm.

For more information call Larry Lawson-


"This is sure to be a special evening you won't want to miss."


February 1

 Allegro at Hyde Park

(Happy Hour show)


         800 West Azelle Street, Tampa, Florida



February 11th

WLRN Radio- 172 N.E. 15th St. Miami, Florida


 interview & performance conducted by host Mike Stock


February 11th

- Luna Star Cafe-

775 N.E. 125th St. Miami Florida




March 24th

Emmaus Road House Cafe-

1886 E. Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster, Pa

(7-10 pm)

For more info: 717-478-3672


April 24

Hermanos Mexican Restaurant

11 Hills Ave.

Concord, NH

(6 pm)



May 11

McCoole's Red Lion Inn,

 4 S. Main St, Quakertown, Pa 7-10 pm.

For more info: 207-240-6882 or 603-496-1186



May 26

Front Street Station-

2 Front St. Northumberland, Pa 17857  (7-10pm)

 Nice outdoor patio setting with umbrellas over the tables.

       The Outdoor Concert Series (7-10pm)

For more info:  570-473-3626


June 8th

Sommerset Retirement Village

22355 Providence Village Drive,

Sterling, Virginia




June 24

Taylor Book Store,

Charleston, West Virginia


For more info: 304-342-1461


July 1st

Priestly House Chapel

Northumberland, Pa

(9:30 am-10:10 am)

Lester is the featured poet & musician for July.

For more information contact Tom Bresenhan

or call



July 7

Front Street Station-

2 Front St. Northumberland, Pa (7-10pm)

For more info: 570-473-3626


July 13th

Indian Valley Public Library

100 East Church Street, Telford, Pa

7:30pm-8:30 pm

(Concert/Reading Venue)



August 7

Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series-

Market Square

downtown York Pa

                   11:30- 1:30 pm

For more info call 717-849-2217

or go to


August 14

Hermanos Restaurant

Concord, NH- 6:30 pm



August 31

McCoole's Red Lion Inn,

4 S. Main St. Quakertown, Pa- 7-10pm

For more info: 207-240-6882 or 603-496-1186


October 10

Hermanos Restaurant-

Concord, NH

6:30 pm



October 26

Sommerset Retirement Village-

Sterling, Virginia-




November 9

The Kingstreet Coffeehouse @ Hotel Edison,

Sunbury, Pa -

  Lester Hirsh will be the first act- 7pm.

For more info: 603-496-1186


November 16th

McCoole's Red Lion Inn,

4 S. Main St. Quakertown, Pa  7-10 pm

For more info- 207-240-6882 or 603-496-1186























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