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Get published: At one time writers sent their manuscripts to dozens of publishers who then read their introduction letter and maybe a few pages of the book before sending a "rejection" letter, or in a minority of cases an acceptance letter. Now authors need agents in order to get the attention of large publishing houses. The problem with agents is that they take 15% of an author's profits. It wasn't so long ago there were "only" 50,000 books published each year in the USA; now the number is about a third of a million. It is almost impossible for new authors to gain the attention of agents, let alone publishers, except through personal contacts or if the writer is already famous (i.e. movie stars). But what if you are a potential great author who lacks the necessary access to agents or publishers? What do you do?






If your book is a fine book, we can publish it. In order for us to do this you will partner with us. Why partner with us? Because there are over 300,000 books published in the US each year.  Sadly, the chances of any book making money is very small. So by partnering with a publisher your book can be published. A fine book is a well written book like those found in libraries.


What Parisburg Publishing can do for you:


Royalty for authors is as low as 5% of the list price for neophytes and up to 10-15% for the successfully published. Parisburg approximately double these rates for books sold on Amazon or through independent book stores and corporate book sellers or through our web sites. E-books sold through Kindle or iBooks can earn you even higher rates (up to 50%). You can buy copies of your book from us at discounts between 50-60 % so you can sell them at book signings, or to your friends or for your business or at speaking engagements. When you sell your own book you can earn more per book than what bookstores make, since bookstores only gross about 40% on each book they sell at full cost. Or you can stock your local independent book stores with your discounted books. Our Royalty Schedule.


With Parisburg Publishing your book will be available, within weeks of being published, on most booksellers' websites, such as B&N, Amazon and a host of others throughout the world. Your book will also be available to major bookstores and independents. Remember, it is the bookstores that select the books they put on their selves, not the publishers, so we cannot guarantee that B&N will put your book in its bookstores. If your book is potentially a best seller, eventually B&N will put it in their stores. Publishers make books available, but it is the quality of the book, the salability of the book and the author's persona and drive that eventually sells books. The author is a book's best promoter.




Want to publish your book? Go here for the 1, 2 and 3 Steps to Publishing.

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